Fishing Babe Coley Jens

Bikini Baits

Coley Jens is an Environmental Specialist living in Florida.

One of our favorite women fishing in a bikini today. Coley isn’t just gorgeous and a great fisher-woman, she’s also hilarious. Frankly, we admit that she’s the only page on Instagram better at writing captions than BikiniBaits – a claim we don’t make lightly.

On Coley’s Instagram story she tells cheesy jokes everyday, guarantying her a spot in the dad joke hall of fame. In all honesty I still laugh every time, and you will too.

Astute followers will notice that Coley is a self declared nerd, but don’t be fooled she’s a certified bad-ass Army veteran and even served in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom.

Do yourself a favor, if you’re not already go on Instagram and give her a follow now.

left to right: coley jens, taylor harrell, mariah mendez AND krystal hall

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Instagram: @Coleyjens
Youtube: CrazyKittyFish
Twitter: @QuirkyNatureGal
Facebook: @ColeyJens

Happy fishing!

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