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Kimmi Stark hails from a small town on the Florida space coast (Fuck yeah… NASA.) She’s a personal trainer and entrepreneur being the owner of Tarpon Fitness LLC. Fitness is a big passion of hers, and the reward of helping people get to their fitness goals makes the long hours worth while. This is huge considering she’s only 24 years old.

Kimmi’s other passions are for fishing, and being outdoors. Growing up on the space coast she had both fresh and salt water super close so she would get to fish the best of both worlds. Every time she goes on a fishing trip or to the shooting range, she tries to learn a little more and get a little better.

“I definitely have a lot to learn so I ain’t a pro, but being out there with a rod in my hand or looking down range makes my heart happy that’s for dang sure!”
– Kimmi Stark

We’re looking forward to seeing more of Kimmie and I know you are too. Don’t for get to give her a follow, link at the bottom.

Fishing Babe Kimmie Stark

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