How could a man catch a 400 lb Grouper with a wrench?

In 2016 a Mechanic named Ryan Hein caught a 400 lb Grouper with a lure he made out of a number 11 wrench.  Of all the strange things people have caught fish with, this is right at the top.

If you go on YouTube you can see videos of people catching fish with all kinds of strange things, some of my personal favorites are; A rock, Lego, Playdough, Cardboard, Bottle Caps, and Bull Testicles (you read that correctly).

Why would a fish, especially one smart enough to survive to get as big as 400 lbs, bite at something as dumb as a wrench?  Worse yet, the most useless of all wrenches, a number 11 wrench.

The reason fish bite at lures that don’t look anything like prey fish is because they’re attracted to the shine, movement and vibration the Angler creates while using the lure.  When an Angler starts jigging, trawling or reeling a shiny piece of metal with a hook, many species of fish don’t consider what they’re seeing and instinctually attack. We all know that this often leads to the fish becoming the prey itself.

While it’s obvious why a bigger fish would be attracted to eating a smaller moving object under the water, almost everything naturally occurring under the water is food for something bigger.  It’s a cut-throat world down there.

You may wonder why though shine would have anything to do with anything.  The reason is the shine produced by many fishing lures can resemble the shine of a fish scale.  In the proverbial dog-eat-dog world or more accurately fish-eat-fish world that is your local fishing hole, waiting to see if your food is a trap is a luxury that many do not have.

The important takeaway here is to remember fishing is about having fun.  Don’t take it too seriously. You don’t need the latest and greatest fishing lure to bring up the big ones.  You just need to be persistent and keep your line in the water. So stop reading this, and get to your local fishing hole with your buds and have some fun.  I know that’s what I’m going to do now.


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