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Some would call her the O.G. woman fishing in a Bikini on the internet, Nicole Spenc is one of the most followed outdoors women on all social media, and for that matter the planet
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Some would call her the O.G. woman fishing in a Bikini on the internet, Nicole Spenc is one of the most followed outdoors women on all social media, and for good reason. Her regular fishing trips reel in world class trophy fish and it doesn’t hurt that Nicole herself is drop dead gorgeous.  Both talented and beautiful, it’s no wonder that she has the popularity she does.

Nicole has said that she was fishing before she was even born, as her dad was a commercial fisherman and would take her mom out on the water until she was 8 months pregnant. The first fish she remembers catching was a bass when she was 2 years old.  There is no mystery why she’s so adept at catching monster fish, she was basically born into it.

Now 29, Nicole manages her wildly successful Instagram page, a YouTube Channel that has over 5.5 Million views, and she runs Nicole’s Fishing Bed and Breakfast out of Venice, Louisiana.  She must have learned a thing or two when she went to business school because this entrepreneur is making moves! 

If you’re interested, you and your friends can visit her bed and breakfast where you’ll get to hang out and fish with Nicole for as little as $200 each per night for a group of four and she’ll even cook your meals! …That’s right.  She can cook too! Some of the meals we stole from the website (link at the bottom of the page) include; Chix and Sausage Gumbos, Seafood Jambalaya, Seafood Baked Potatoes, and crawfish Étouffée.  She likes to keep it Cajun to make the experience as Louisiana as possible.

Nicole’s YouTube Channel, “Nicole Spenc” truly showcases her outdoor side in a fun and sexy way. While she started the channel three years ago, she told us that she’s really taking it seriously now and it shows.  Her recent content is great for any outdoors enthusiast; catching sharks, bowfishing gar, mudding quads in the bayou, hunting big game in Africa, and obviously lots of fishing too. Her bubbly personality is a delight to watch, and the fact that she’s in a bikini most of the time is a nice additional bonus. 

On Instagram she has over a quarter million followers.  Just look at any of the pictures on this feature and you can easily see why.  Her beautiful looks, personality and social media presence is probably the reason she’s landed endorsements from companies such as Hennessy, Pepsi Next and Twisted Tea. 

Though her success on Social isn’t without criticism, many vegan and animal rights activists have tried to smear her (as they have with most outdoors personalities), however Nicole states that she always eats what she kills.  After speaking with her a few times, I can personally say that she was lovely to talk to and her vibrant personality that radiates off her social media; she was clearly her authentic self. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her for this Southern Belle! 

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  1. Your an amazing woman. Smart funny, a great sense of humor. I would say your a total package. With all your hunting, fishing, beautifulness and yes your awesome cooking skills. Your the best..

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