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Sexy women Fishing in Bikinis is what we’re all about here at Bikini Baits.  That’s why we scowled the deepest parts of the internet, after zipping up our pants and getting back to work we wrote this blog; honoring the Sexiest Women fishing in Bikinis on YouTube in 2019, for you, our fans…  because we love you. No homo.

So sit back, relax and try to keep it together.  This is going to be the sexiest blog post about fishing ever.  (Or at least until we do the 2020 version of this blog.) 

Here we go!

Bridget Fabel

Bridget Fabel is a 20-year-old beauty from Salt Lake City Utah.  She Hunt’s, Fishes, Fly Fishes, is a fishing guide, started and runs a successful bracelet company (she makes bracelets out of recycled Fly Fishing Line) and oh yeah, she’s gorgeous!  What an amazing person! The future couldn’t look brighter her for this young Outdoors Enthusiast. We look forward to watching her become a titan in the industry. Follow her on Social Media or grab yourself a cool bracelet below!

Jessica Jae

Yet another Florida girl, Jessica Jae is just adorable.  You’ll find yourself wanting to take home to mom. Her channel currently has 29,000 subscribers, but we suspect that number will go up soon as she went on a hiatus, probably due to having a small person coming out of her body recently.  But she’s back in action now and looking as hot as ever! … We couldn’t be happier about it. Follow her on Social Media below.

Nicole Spenc

Nicole Spenc is just an absolute stunner, one of the newest and biggest up and comer in the world of women fishing in a bikini today.  Her YouTube account only has just over 5,000 subscribers at the time of writing, but we’re hoping that with your help we can seriously up those rookie numbers.  She’s been posting more aggressively recently and is a YouTube channel I know we’ll have our eyes on. You can find her on Social Media at the links below.

Jacki Shea Fishing

Jacki Shea is another Florida Girl, she’s a nursing student who spends her free time Vlogging herself Fishing in a bikini!  What’s not to love? Both Smart and Sexy, and her Butt on a thumbnail can attract over 3 million viewers. When you see her butt you’ll understand why.  It’s truly one of the nicest Butts on the internet, let alone Fishing. Not afraid to get dirty, there’s more than one picture of her on her Instagram account covered in blood (which we found oddly sexy).  You can follow her on Social Media below.

Vicky Stark Fishing

Vicky Stark is another Southern Florida girl, I swear they must be putting something in the water down there.  She has one of the most adorable smiles I’ve ever seen in my life, her eyes will pierce your heart and she’s super fit.  Be careful when you’re watching her channel, or you’ll find yourself falling in love instantly. She’s relatively new to YouTube, only been making Vlogs in her Bikini for about 11 months.  But I know we can’t wait to see more! Follow her on Social Media below:

Darcizzle Offshore

Since 2014 Southern Florida girl Darcy aka Darcizzle Offshore has been catching monster fish in her bikini then putting the videos and pictures on social media.  We Salute you Darcy! Her YouTube Channel Vlogs her traveling all over the world, all the while catching bigger fish than you or I ever could. Darcy is clearly any fisherman’s dream girl and the over 230,000 Subscribers on her YouTube Channel are proof. You can follow her on YouTube or on Social Media, we’ve attached her links below.

Fishing with Luiza            

Luiza is an absolutely, beautiful Brazilian.  Which is no wonder why she is one of the most popular girls fishing in a bikini today.  Her YouTube account has a whopping 103,000 plus subscribers, she’s been the cover girl on countless fishing magazines, and the future only looks like it will be getting better.  We look forward to where she’ll go from here. See more of Fishing with Luiza below.

Hooked on Brooke

All the way from the Sunny Gold Coast of Australia, Brooke Stole our hearts right from her very first video.  This stunner catches massive fish and even has a video on her channel where she catches two Mahi-Mahi with one hook (very impressive).  Her Channel is worth a like and subscribe, I know we’re looking forward to seeing more of Brooke in the very near future. Follow her on Social below.

Thanks for taking the time to read our list.  Please let us know what you think, or if we forgot anyone in the comments below.

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