Vanessa Noel aka @future_trophywife

Vanessa Noel

Hi y’all I’m Vanessa from Vegas! I’m a Route 91 survivor who stayed behind to help. I’m a proud American who loves her guns, our first responders, our military, and greatly appreciates those who have and will continue to fight to protect our Nation.

I’m a avid shooter and will begin training for three gun competitions as soon as I am cleared from my upcoming surgery.

When I’m not at our aftermarket performance shop; Aftermatket HQ, – rebuilding shocks or helping customers, you can find me on our boat fishing, cooking, making Apple Pie Moonshine, playing Call of Duty, cracking jokes, at the gym, or relaxing at home with my English Bulldogs watching Yellowstone.

I get asked a lot why I went with the Instagram handle @future_trophywife, honestly it’s me setting the bar & having a high standard for myself. For me it’s not just about looks that makes a “Trophy Wife”.

It’s a female who not only takes care of herself, but someone who is also hard working, loyal, supportive, helpful, positive, fun, encouraging, & motivated.

I learned growing up that looks may get you in the door, but your heart & work ethic will keep you there. Big boobs or ass don’t mean shit without a big heart. đź’Ż

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